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Fire Extinguisher Recharges

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Example of our "Certification" tags...

Our tags are approved by the Nevada State Fire Marshals Office. We are fully licensed in Clark county. All of our service technicians have current certificate of registration licenses. We are also a fully insured. (Lic# E-369) 

Our Emergency Light Inspection Record Sticker

How to actually read a fire extinguisher tag in Nevada:

*The tag is punched the day the actual service was completed

(month, day, and year).

*Extinguisher is up to code for 1 yr following the annual service or recharge.

*The tag will also help to identify what kind of extinguisher you have and what type of services were performed on it and more.

*Nevada State Law states that it is mandatory that all portable fire extinguishers located in businesses are to be serviced by a certified technician and licensed company EVERY year.


If your extinguisher tag is punched: MAY 4th, 2010 and today s date is June 8th, 2011 YOUR EXTINGUISHER is DUE for an ANNUAL SERVICE. It needs to be recharged.

If your extinguisher tag is punched: JULY 7th, 2009 and today is June 8th, 2010 then YOUR EXTINGUISHER is still current and up to code for another month and is due for an Annual Service soon (by July 31st 2010). **Just because an extinguisher tag is up to code doesnt mean the extinguisher is.... the gauge on the extinguisher should always read in the "Green" zone. If it reads in the"Red" zone it needs to be recharged or in some instances replaced or parts replaced. You should call immediately for service.

We sure hope this helps and clarifies any confusion!!